Something NEW at Renee & "Company" - On-Line Ordering!  Enjoy the convenience of selecting your pictures and placing your picture order on-line. This option is not for everyone.  Customers may choose to meet with Cheryl for assistance in placing your order and help in determining the best size for your portrait.  Choose the option that works best for you.

Renee & "Company" offer hair and make up services for your portrait sessions at no additional cost.

Everyone wants their children to look the best on picture day.  Renee & "Company" is delighted to help and has several selections of beautiful dresses and baby boy outfits in varying sizes, including the elegant heirloom dresses and outfits of Strasburg.  We also have some fun costume accessories such as hats and bonnets, boas and tutu's, fairy wings, and much, much more!

Please ask about these services when you call for an appointment.