Session Information:

Newborn infants are often photographed without clothing.  We use poses, wraps and drapes to conceal private parts.  Hats, bonnets and diaper covers are great accessories.  You may bring your own or use the ones that we have available.  We encourage you to bring blankets, special stuffed animals and toys that are special to you and your baby.  If you have a special outfit that you wish for your newborn to wear during the session, remember that simple colors and styles work best.

Parents, if you plan to be photographed with your baby or young child, please let us know at the time your appointment is booked.  We recommend that you wear solid colors.  Black, white, pale blue or ivory often work well.  You may also consider a color scheme for each family member that compliments each other.

During the photo session, parents and other special people in the lives of the baby or children are welcome in the studio; however, we ask that you remain in the background so that we can work with your child to get the most natural expressions.  Often, we will ask for your assistance for safety reasons.  At no time should anyone with you take pictures using cell phones or your own camera.